Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about Influencer Marketing and Blogger Outreach Services.

Who writes the content?

Our members produce all of the content according to your requirements. Content can be written in different languages and tones. We have an experienced pool, of talented writers including industry leaders.

Is Blogger Outreach an ethical form of SEO?

Yes, Blogger Outreach is one of the most ethical and effective methods of SEO. The links that are made will improve page rankings for years to come and are a good way to build authority through organic search.

Can I publish content on high authority websites?

Yes, we work with sites with different Page Authority and Domain Authority. We have long established relationships with our writers, some of which have huge followings that can get your content seen, shared and ranked quickly. We also have many journalists that can also get your press releases into local, national and online press.

Can I choose where my content is published and review the content beforehand?

Yes. When you select a writer you can see the blog the writer owns and previous work done by the writer according to your requirements i.e. Industry, Domain Authority etc. The writer will also produce a draft of the content for approval. Once approved, the content will be published and a URL link will be provided where you can view the content.  

What if you cannot find relevant sites or blogs for my niche?

We have been able to fulfil all niches our clients have required including adult, gambling and pharmaceutical niches. If you have a specific requirement, let us know and we will endeavour to meet your needs.

How do links work?

All of the links in the content will go with the natural flow of the content which is the best way to provide value to the reader and for SEO.

Can I have anchor text links or plain links?

You can choose the anchor text/brand anchors/plain links depending on your strategy. If you need help with that then just let us know.

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