Digital PR

  Digital PR

With the continuous increase in digital media usage, Digital PR has become an essential marketing tool for connecting with existing and new prospects. Big Outreach offers a cost-effective way to augment your content strategy.

The word of a journalist carries significant value for a business and a mention in an article can lead to more enquiries and orders. This combination is the evolution of the traditional PR industry that communicates directly with your target audience through digital platforms to reach, engage and convert the people that matter.

Online PR measures real engagement with your target audience and is able to produce reports that can be measured and improved much quicker than traditional PR. Online PR can help spread your news further and get more eyeballs on your content. 

Digital PR tactics include:

- Surveys

- News Stories

- Featured Placements

- Thought Leadership

- Press Releases

- Blog Writing

- Spokesperson Statements


With many publishers producing high-quality content, being able to stand above the crowd and be noticed has never been more important. 

By working with Big Outreach your content will be:

 - Focused towards keywords that will help with your search engine rankings.
 - Content that is oriented towards your target audience.

 - Drive traffic to you your website.
 - Have access to trustworthy and independent authors that will create engaging content that your audience wants to read, will stay longer on your site and keep returning.
- Our writers are able to position your brand as a leader in your industry.
- Producing quality content is time-consuming and costly. Save time by having your content created for you.


                                              Press Release Office  

Our in-house PR experts work with many leading publications, editors and journalists spanning all genres of publications. Our team is able to help with the construction of titles, craft press releases, news stories to working editorial formats and create headlines that will create a buzz your brand deserves.



The distribution of your content is just as important as the content itself. Being able to get your target audience eye's on your content is essential in raising your brand awareness and message.

We work with some of the largest online distribution houses that can get your brand and products seen by millions of prospects around the world. Our database contains thousands of journalists from hundreds of online and offline publishing houses that can help push your content across their vast readership base.

Online Publishing Houses


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