Brand Ambassadors

What is a Brand Ambassador?

A brand ambassador is an influencer, who promotes a brand or its products to their network of followers with the purpose of influencing a prospects opinions into raising brand awareness and building the sales process. 

The growth and popularity of social media has created more brand ambassadors in different industries than traditional celebrities. This growth has enabled businesses to sell B2B and B2C using the influential power of the ambassador to reach their target audience. 

How can it help my business?

Brand ambassadors are able to help all types of businesses from promoting your brand, app, website, product or services. We are able to identify and target your ideal audience making our services more cost effective and relevant compared to other marketing methods. 

Our Brand Ambassadors

We work with top brand ambassadors and influencers across hundreds of industries including beauty, sports, gaming, lifestyle, food, fashion, technology, health and more. 

Our team have amazing relationships with our influencers, identify your target market and achieve a quick turn-around of work.


Influencer Marketing - "Trust is the currency of influence"

Influencer Marketing 

Influence is like air: it is both invisible and essential. Because it is invisible, it is ignored and misunderstood. This opens up an opportunity to the few people that both understand and acquire influence. 

Our influencers are able to get into the minds of their prospects and influence their opinions because they are trusted. We work with thousands of trusted influencers in many different niches. 


Events and Promotions

Events and Festivals

Our hub of influencers are able to get the get your event or promotion in front of your customers, fans and stakeholders. Our influencers are able to help with promoting an opening, product launch, festival, concerts or events. 

Additionally, we have internationally recognised celebrities, sports athletes, musicians and actors that can reach your targeted audience.



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